How to Make An Earthquake Simulator

Section Cut: "Disaster Simulator (Welcome to Your Mind)", 2008

I'm currently working on a project to make an earthquake simulator (Disaster Simulator-Welcome to Your Mind) with Vaccine (carpenter) and Nuk and Nun (my technician-mechanic uncles) to be shown as part of an ArtAids project that'll travel through Thailand/France/Amsterdam (2008/2009)

Basically, you walk up to the gallery, and you're like "Oh Shit! The only entrance is through that dark, cramped passageway in the corner...what do I do now?" Suddenly this hand (probably mine) pushes you inside and you're forced to feel your way around this completely dark, twisting passageway. You keep walking for what seems like ages and ages and every now and then the whole floor shakes really violently. When you finally reach the end (if you do)....there's a door, which you push open, and then...........SURPRISE!!!!

Apparently the queene will be visiting on the opening night (merde!!!!).

Also, all I keep hearing about these days is the news that Bangkok will be hit by earthquakes and floods sometime within the next four months, apparently similar to the recent catastrophes of China and Burma. So I thought this would be a good piece to recreate now, in our day and age where everyone fears everything.

Section cut closeup: under the floorboards, motors, springs, timing device and sensors.

General View (without walls)


Bird's eye view.


prae said...

very cool. i like your 3d spaces and hand sketches a lot.

shake our world with ur quake.

Mademoiselle Mu Mu said...

Shit you got music on your blogspot! I want that too! Anyway just dropping by to say that I am back at updating my blog and have put urs on the love list ;)


Rupert James said...

Love your renderings. Kind of like Da Vinci meets Wallpaper*.

Is the simulator still at Tadu?